Youth Rugby (Coaching Teenagers)
Rugby was once famously mis-described as ‘a thug’s game played by gentlemen’ but a more realistic assessment is that rugby encourages the development of essential core personal qualities including control, self-discipline, respect, camaraderie and bravery, all of which are so important during adolescent development.

The Rugby Doctor will work to deliver youth rugby in a safe and progressive manner whilst placing considerable emphasis on personal development and providing a rugby education.

How can The Rugby Doctor help your teenagers..?
Consultant - Advise age group leaders on squad management issues to ensure player recruitment and retention
Mentor - Work with playing squads to exploit inherent strengths and weaknesses
Specialist - Introduce new technical requirements not previously encountered, (eg lineout lifting)

Fact File
Youth rugby is currently enjoying a renaissance with local inter-school matches re-emerging alongside the more established regional and national competitions and with rugby clubs offering ‘induction days’ for players new to rugby.

Example Coaching Modules
“Youth laws”
An orientation session explaining the basics of youth rugby

“The 15-man game”
A guide to full-sided rugby, introducing a playing framework and essential tactics

“Managing physicality”
Assisting players and coaches to acclimatise to the physical demands of youth rugby
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