Who is the rugby doctor?
The Rugby Doctor is a freelance coaching and coach development resource operating in the North West London area. The Rugby Doctor has an RFU coaching license and Level 3 accreditation.

Experienced and able to provide all types of coaching advice on a peripatetic basis, The Rugby Doctor is equally prepared to diagnose rugby ailments and to prescribe rugby remedies, either directly to the player or to the resident coaching community.

The Rugby Doctor will act as a retained 'consultant' for season-long appointments or as a 'locum' filling in whilst your regular coach is unavailable. The Rugby Doctor will perform the role of a 'flying doctor' visiting your school or club for particular lessons or sessions, of an 'emergency doctor' when particular coaching issues flare up, of a 'specialist' when one facet of the game is holding you back or of a 'general practitioner' dispensing day-to-day coaching advice.

Whether there is a deep rooted need for 'intensive care' or a requirement for swift but effective 'first aid', drawing upon a wealth of experience and knowledge The Rugby Doctor’s open-minded ethos enables the delivery of a working combination of contemporary ideas and proven methodologies.
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