Tag Rugby (Coaching Beginners)
Place a rugby ball in the hands of a young child and they will naturally run with it… The Tag variant of the game of rugby allows players of any age to participate and to start learning the game.

The Rugby Doctor will employ game-based activities to allow rugby fundamentals to be introduced subliminally to ensure that the basic rugby ‘building blocks’ become ingrained in the player and become automatic on the field of play.

How can The Rugby Doctor help your beginners..?
Consultant - Provide guidance on setting up a mini-rugby section
Mentor - Coach your coaches and share mini-rugby ‘best practice’
Flying Doctor - Deliver tailored coaching sessions to targeted recipients

Fact File
The popularity of Mini-Rugby is now at an all time high and clubs are seeing the opportunities presented in terms of increased family orientation and of player recruitment. Tag sessions should promote and develop core skills but within an environment principally aimed at delivering fun.

Child safety is the absolute priority and the Tag game aims to discourage players from:
- Falling to the ground at any time
- Diving to the ground when scoring a try
- Making contact with another player
- Preventing a player from running or passing the ball

Measures are taken to encourage ‘fair play’ and the spirit in which rugby is intended to operate.

Example Coaching Modules
“Run with the ball...”
Learning which way to run/pass and developing spatial awareness

“The Tag Tackle”
Introducing the Tag-tackle and the requirement to pass the ball

“Making Tag sessions fun”
Utilising games to build and hone core skills and techniques
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