Senior Rugby (Coaching Adults)
The role of the ‘rugby club coach’ has been transformed over recent years and the requirement for enhanced professionalism, improved teaching methodologies and increased technical knowledge have seen a surge in demand for professional coaching.

The Rugby Doctor will contract to coach particular teams within a club or provide guidance on a club-wide basis. The peripatetic nature of The Rugby Doctor also permits individual sessions or short-courses to be delivered at appropriate points in the season.

How can The Rugby Doctor help your team..?
Consultant - Assume total responsibility for coaching rugby at the club
Emergency Doctor - Deliver instant remedies for recurring, specific rugby irritations
Locum - Provide cover when the regular club coach is absent

Fact File
Few clubs are able to recruit players to suit a pre-determined playing framework and it is therefore better for these structures to be developed according to the available resources. It is crucial to establish a club's existing values and ambitions before embarking on the game-planning process.

Example Coaching Modules
“Designing a playing framework...”
Develop a coaching regime and playing style to suit your team

“Season planning…”
Design a periodised season plan to balance the demands placed on your players and coaches

“Scrum and lineout clinics...”
Develop skills and tactics to improve performance in these key technical areas
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