Player Mentoring (Coaching Individuals)
Making the transition through youth and on to senior rugby is challenging and it is essential that truly independent guidance and assessment is available to aspiring players. An over-supportive parent, a schoolmaster with a positional shortage or a club coach with a ‘must win’ attitude may not provide entirely accurate and objective feedback.

The Rugby Doctor will provide bespoke personal training and offer true arm’s length assessment and impartial guidance...

How can The Rugby Doctor help you..?
Assessor - Objectively appraise a player’s ability and positional suitability
Mentor - Provide a one-to-one programme for individual rugby development
Specialist - Identify improvement opportunities and provide an action plan

Fact File
The onset of professionalism within the game has seen most major clubs now operating an academy structure. Aside from the playing side of the game the academies offer alternative rugby-career progression options in coaching, conditioning, promotion and administration. These academies provide a key ‘stepping stone’ for those who are most serious about forging a career within the game.

Example Coaching Modules
“Physical appraisal...”
Evaluate individual development needs and prepare a corrective action plan

“Positional assessment...”
Evaluate technical, tactical, mental and physical suitability for a particular position

Tailored coaching designed to achieve individual goals
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