Mini Rugby (Coaching Children)
Cooperation and teamwork are fundamentally essential life skills which may be developed swiftly and effectively by playing what is arguably the greatest team-sport of them all. The transition from Touch-Rugby or Tag-Rugby can be a daunting one for some and it is imperative that this is effectively managed.

The Rugby Doctor will utilise his experience to ensure that all players complete the transition to contact rugby both safely and successfully.

How can The Rugby Doctor help your children..?
Specialist - Provide guidance on managing the transition to contact rugby
Consultant - Offer advice on how to re-establish mini-rugby at a school or in a club
Flying Doctor - Deliver particular coaching sessions to identified recipients

Fact File
The laws of rugby for these age groups change gradually over successive seasons, with more contact and a greater degree of competition added each year, gradually building towards youth rugby and ultimately equipping players for the senior game.

Example Coaching Modules
“Safe Start”
Managing the transition to contact rugby

“Rugby laws”
An orientation session explaining the basics of the contact game

“Preparation for youth rugby”
Creating an understanding of the demands of the next stage in the player's rugby development
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