Coach Education (Coaching Coaches)
A bewildering array of books, magazines, DVDs and courses are now available to the coaching community but it is difficult to replicate the success that may be achieved through a face-to-face delivery where challenges may be discussed and potential solutions debated.

The Rugby Doctor is able to deliver coach education sessions tailored to the needs of the audience and to facilitate discussion groups seeking solutions to real-life issues encountered.

How can The Rugby Doctor help your coaches..?
Consultant - Provide technical and tactical advice to those coaching rugby at your club or school
Specialist - Deliver solutions to coaches facing particular challenges
Psychologist - Mentor an individual or coaching group to restore and/or build coaching confidence

Fact File
Whilst at the higher echelons of the game a club's coaching resource may be made up of a host of specialists many coaches have to maintain knowledge and credibility across a wide range of disciplines.

Example Coaching Modules
“Coaching using different styles...”
How to decide what will work best with a particular playing group

“Coaching the breakdown…”
How to go about improving performance in this complex part of the game

“Coaching and motivating children...”
How to tailor both content and delivery method to the age of the playing group
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